Conversational Commerce increases your conversion by 50%+

AI powered conversational commerce

Conversational commerce is far more than just a new interface or an additional channel in the omni-channel world. While previously restricted to chatbots it is now possible to enter conversations with consumers the way they engage with their friends - through their preferred messaging channels such as Whatsapp or WeChat.

As sales and marketing processionals we believe in direct communication with individual customers through the channels that they prefer. Through advances in Artificial Intelligence this is now possible at massive scale.

Optimize your Return on Ad Spend and increase your conversion rate by 50%+.

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We provide management support and take responsibility for delivery for the full programme:

- Discovery
Select the most promising application and prepare the business case

- Conversational design
Analyse the customer journey, design the conversation, build the bot and train the human agents    

- Continuous improvement
Ongoing support to optimize conversion