We help established corporations, as well as scale-ups, build an eco-system of business partners to accelerate growth

Accelerating Growth Through Strategic Partnering  

Building Business Ecosystems For Competitive Advantage  

In todays' hyper-competitive market, a strong partner ecosystem can be a company's most powerful weapon. We support marketing and sales leaders that want to accelerate the growth of their business, tap new sources of innovation and open new markets through effective alliances.

Strategic Objectives For Partnering

For CEOs

Partnering is relevant for CEOs that are looking for new business models, product developers that want to shorten their development cycle, as well as marketing and sales leaders that want to accelerate the growth of their business.

For established companies and start-ups, scale-ups

Not only large established companies can take advantage of building an ecosystem to grow their business. Also, start-ups and scale-ups have experienced strong growth thanks to smart partnering. A strong eco-system can also significantly contribute to a start-up or scale-up valuation by venture capitalists.

No matter your company's size, partnerships can play a significant role in boosting the growth of your business.

Channel partners can provide a very cost-effective means of entering new markets quickly and expanding your company's market presence, providing scalable growth.

Strategic objectives for building a partner ecosystem can be (a mix of) the following:

  • Accelerate sales to new clients and markets
  • Delivering additional services to existing customers
  • Reducing the cost of customer acquisition
  • Shorten product development cycle / Access to specialist expertise
  • Competitive differentiation / Market disruption

Accelerate Sales

Business partners can be a powerful extension of a company's own organization to accelerate sales to clients that can otherwise not be easily reached.

Channel partners can provide a very cost-effective means of entering new markets quickly and expand your company's market presence, providing scalable growth.

With a core team of only three people based in Oslo, Norwegian start-up Reconfig has successfully built a world-wide network of independent consultants to sell their solution to clients in APAC, US and Europe. (see Case study)

Shorten Product Development Cycle

Partners can provide additional functionality and implementation services implementation services to meet clients' needs.

Dutch start-up Roots successfully partner with several established organizations to shorten its time to market.

Partners are also a great source of feedback for product development.

In the case of Reconfig the world-wide consultants network provided the necessary input to accelerate product development.

Competitive Differentiation

In many markets, the nature of competition has changed from product or service based to eco-system based.

For example, consumers that want to buy a gaming console like PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo switch are considering the price/performance ratio of the hardware, but much more important for them is the availability of games by independent software developers.

Disruptive Business Models

Partnering can be the foundation of successful market disruptions, as Uber and Airbnb have demonstrated. Their business models have evolved over time. But from the very start they have employed a smart IT platform to connect independent drivers/homeowners to consumers.