Data-driven sales increase profits by as much as 8%, while simultaneously reducing the overall cost of operations by 10%

Why data-driven sales?

Data-driven sales increase your likelihood of closing more sales by relying less on instinct and more on data. The data insights can help you understand your customers, uncover ways to increase sales, and predict business trends.

Data-driven sales is more than a buzzword. It is helping sales teams hit their targets and meet or exceed revenue goals: 

  • Data can help team members spend time on activities that provide the most value.
  • When you use data to understand your customer's behavior, you can work more efficiently.
  • Data can help you tailor your pitch to each customer based on their specific needs.
  • data can predict what you need to sell now and in the future, and identify opportunities for growth.

Our Service

At Growth Engine, our sales consultant combined data-driven sales with consultative sales. We believe successful sales come from:

  • The understanding of your customers   :

-Develop the ideal customer profiles to tailor your marketing message and develop an irresistible value proposition 

-figure out customers' decision-making process

-Find out the buying committee, who are the influencers, who are the decision-makers, and who are the doorkeepers

-what are their goals, challenges, needs, and pains, how you can best support them with your product service solutions

  • The data-driven sales approach

-Turn data into insights to better understand the behaviors of your customers, to send the right message at right time to the right person to increase the success rate of sales.

  • Better cooperation with the marketing team

When sales give more first-hand information of customers to marketing, marketing can define a more attractive message and CTA to the customer, the overall lead generation will be more effective, therefore, deliver more high-quality leads to sales, and when marketing share the online behavior of the leads to sales, sales can have a better understanding of leads, therefore, increase the conversion rate from leads to sales.